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Here you will find a summary of the most important questions and answers

  • I already have a maintenance company. Is it worthwhile to obtain a comparative offer for the upcoming repair of my compressor system?

    Absolutely! A comparison is worthwhile. Because experience shows that there are considerable differences in price and quality. Please feel free to ask us for a free offer: 02151 / 9931-99 We will of course treat your inquiry with absolute confidentiality.

  • How quickly can you take a look at our compressor plant on site?

    Mostly very fast. Usually the same day. But of course there is no guarantee.

    Our service technicians usually carry out minor repairs directly on site. Our service vehicles are equipped with the most common spare parts. And if it turns out that a major repair is necessary? Then you will usually receive a written offer from us the following day and can decide in peace.

  • Do you also repair compressors outside the Rhineland?

    Our main focus is the Lower Rhine with the adjacent conurbations - from the Ruhr area to Cologne and Düsseldorf. The majority of our customers are located here. In addition, however, we also service compressors in the larger area. The best thing is to pick up the phone and ask us for a free quote: 02151 / 9931-99.

  • What happens if you do not have a part in stock?

    This is rarely the case. In most cases, we already have the right parts in our customer service vehicles and can start right away. In addition, we have a very generously equipped and well sorted warehouse in Tönisvorst. And if it does happen? Then we will quickly provide a replacement. Our long-standing business relationships with well-known suppliers are of course helpful in this case.

  • Do I get a personal contact person in your company?

    With us, you always have a personal contact person who takes care of your individual needs. You will not end up on an anonymous hotline and have to repeat your questions all the time.

  • Which compressors are the best?

    It depends on what you need the compressed air for. We will advise you specifically on the selection of the right product. You can be sure that we will only advise you on an optimally suitable system. More than 75 years of company existence speak for themselves and our customer service.

  • When to use side channel blowers?

    Unlike compressors, our side channel compressors deliver high volume at a lower pressure. Up to 500 mbar the choice of a side channel compressor is the right one, above that, rotary piston compressors come into question and then compressors.

  • Piston compressor or screw compressor?

    Our range of piston compressors, oil-free or oil-lubricated, is designed for users who require simple, complete and ready-to-use equipment. With a thumb on the pulse, we can say that a piston compressor is the right choice for compressed air requirements of up to 2 hours per day. For compressed air requirements of more than 2 hours per day, you should take a closer look at a screw compressor. The units are available in all sizes for small and medium applications and also for very large compressed air requirements. They have a small footprint, are low-noise and can therefore also be set up in production.

  • What is a good compressor?

    First and foremost, a good compressor is the right one for your needs and your application. It should not consume more energy than absolutely necessary and the compressed air should have the quality, e.g. in residual moisture and purity, that you require. In addition, the quality must of course be right to ensure many years of use.

    Rico has been in the compressor business for +75 years.
    This only succeeds if our customers are 100% satisfied with us - trust our expertise

  • How expensive is a compressor?

    If you don't have a small compressed air application, it is worth considering a Bafa conveyor. The state subsidizes up to 40% of the purchase costs for an energy-saving compressor. You save twice, once on the purchase and then through the low energy consumption. This is something you should not miss out on.

  • Do you service compressors of all manufacturers?

    A compressor must function perfectly - of course. And it usually does. Today's compressors are usually technically mature and extremely durable.
    - If it weren't for the ravages of time: a certain amount of wear and tear is normal for compressor components. Sometimes it is only a small screw, sometimes a loose cover plate, sometimes the complete element.

    Our service technicians have a trained eye. They quickly find out what needs to be done and often carry out small repairs to your compressor system on the same day.

    The reason for our speed: Our service technicians already have the most important wear parts in their vehicles. We also have our own, very well sorted warehouse with spare parts. This enables us to get your compressor up and running again quickly. Because we know: The lower the downtime of your compressor, the more satisfied you - and your customers - will be.

  • What about regular maintenance?

    Of course, regular maintenance avoids expensive production downtimes and the service life of your equipment is increased. We recommend that you conclude a maintenance contract, so that you will never forget a maintenance appointment again. We keep an eye on the maintenance intervals for you and contact you when they are due. In addition, legally required inspections are not forgotten. The contract commitment is no problem, you can cancel at any time to the end of the month if you have changed your mind. Interested? Then let us send you a customized draft contract without obligation. .

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