Screw compressors

Screw compressors

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The GX / G Series

up to 2100 m³/h 7,5/ 8 / 10/ 13 bar

High reliability

Reliable compressed air supply ensures smooth production. High-quality parts and high safety standards enable continuous operation even at temperatures of up to 46 °C.

Easy to install and operate

Our compressors are easy to install, operate and maintain. The plug-and-play concept means you only need a flat floor, a power supply and a compressed air distribution network. Modern compressor monitoring technology keeps the overview.

Silent operation

Our G/GX compressors are a quiet alternative to reciprocating compressors because they are based on the screw principle, which significantly reduces vibration. Particularly effective noise reduction thanks to the completely closed housing

Robust and compact screw compressors

Our oil-lubricated G/GX screw compressors are powerful and reliable industrial compressors. They are based on high-quality components and materials and provide a reliable supply of high-quality compressed air at temperatures of up to 46 °C. The compressors are compact, flexible and are available in different versions depending on size:

  • Floor mounting
  • Tank mounting
  • With or without integrated dryer

Intelligent Energy Saving

Our larger compressors are equipped with the Elektronikon® console to reduce energy costs with intelligent technology. We also offer simplified control on some smaller models so you can use intelligent solutions regardless of your company size.

Technical Specifications G/GX Series

  • Volume flow FAD l/s 4 l/s - 60.2 l/s
  • operating pressure 7.4 bar(e) - 13 bar(e)
  • Power of the installed motor 2.2 kW - 22 kW
  • FAD capacity 14.4 m³/h - 119.3 m³/h

The GA Series

Highest reliability

The GA Series is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217 compliant, offering long, trouble-free life at low operating cost


Progressive Design

Including the latest generation of innovative oil-injected screw elements

Lower energy costs

Reduced life cycle costs thanks to the use of an excellent screw element and a highly efficient motor. VSD reduces energy costs by an average of 35%.

Integrated compressed air system

The GA WorkPlace compressed air system is delivered ready for use. A separate compressor room is not necessary. Low noise level, compact size and integrated air handling equipment. Integrated options noticeably reduce pressure drops, saving energy


Simple installation

Compact GA 5-500 compressors are supplied as a complete, ready-to-use package with internal piping, coolers, engine, lubrication and controls. This ensures trouble-free installation and quick commissioning. Connect, switch on, done

Integrated compressed air preparation

Full Feature GA compressors feature an integrated dryer and oil-water separator to protect your compressed air network. High-quality compressed air extends equipment life, increases efficiency, and ensures quality for your end product

Fitting for your special needs

Our GA Series oil-injected screw compressors offer high performance, flexibility and high productivity. They reduce energy costs and offer low operating costs. A wide range of compressors ensures that you will find the compressed air solution that perfectly suits your specific requirements. An Atlas Copco GA ensures effective production even under the most adverse conditions.

Exceptional energy savings

The VSD+ technology from Atlas Copco automatically adjusts the engine speed to the air demand in order to supply compressed air on demand. Combined with the innovative design of the iPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) motor (IE4), the GA VSD+ achieves average energy savings of 50%. This reduces the compressor's life cycle costs by an average of 37% overall.

In addition to the energy savings of up to 50%, the GA VSD+ can achieve up to 12% increase in FAD for improved efficiency and performance.

Technical Data GA-Series

  • flow rate FAD l/s 8.4 l/s - 1 410 l/s
  • operating pressure 7.5 bar(e) - 13 bar(e)
  • Power of the installed motor 5 kW - 500 kW
  • FAD capacity 30.2 m³/h - 5 076 m³/h

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