Industrial vacuum pumps

VR-B vacuum pumps are highly efficient vacuum pumps with improved sealing of leakage coefficients. They can achieve a maximum vacuum up to 10-5 mbar abs.

You can choose between horizontal (type A) or vertical conveying direction. In the illustrations you can see type B with vertical conveying direction.

The Roots pump drive shaft is driven directly by the motor shaft via a flexible coupling.

The shaft passage is closed by seals with an oil chamber, whereby the oil is used as a barrier fluid. A cooling chamber is provided for the shaft passage to dissipate the heat generated by the seal. The seals and the rest of the elastomers are made of VITON fluoroelastomer. Type B is supplied with a three-phase AC motor and standardized flanges in accordance with IEC standards.

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Application area is wherever a high pumping speed at low pressure is required. The Roots pumps have a wide range of applications in the vacuum sector. They are preferably used in combination with an earlier pump series (liquid ring pumps, rotary vane pumps, etc.) and have a very extensive application in the low vacuum range.

Operating principle:

The Roots vacuum pumps belong to the group of positive displacement pumps. Two symmetrical pistons housed in the pump body rotate in opposite directions. The rotating bodies do not touch each other and have no contact to the pump housing. The pump is driven by an external gear set which guarantees smooth movement.

During rotation, in phases 1 and 2, a continuously growing space is created which corresponds to the suction cycle. In phases 3 and 4, the space decreases and the gas volume is compressed. This cycle is repeated four times per revolution of the drive shaft.

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