Side channel blower

Side channel compressor for pressure and vacuum

In this overview you can see our standard blowers for pressure and vacuum. Of course you can also order vertical designs, frequency controlled systems, ATEX versions, special coatings, various accessories etc.. Operating instructions are available in EN, FR, ES, IT, BP, other languages on request. Step files, CAD files will be sent to you on request.

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Side channel blowers consist of a ring-shaped, split housing in which a bladed impeller rotates. The blades, which pass close to the inlet, suck the gaseous medium to be compressed into the side channel blower. The blades accelerate the gas forward and outward. The ring-shaped housing deflects the gas and returns it to the base of the following blades. Each of these spiral cycles, which occurs many times during one revolution of the impeller, causes the dynamic pressure increase of the gas. At the end of the rotation, the blades push the compressed gas pulsation-free through a narrowed static chamber to the outlet opening. If two channels or impellers are connected in parallel in one unit (RIC TS series), the air volume is as high as possible. If two ducts or impellers are connected in series, a two-stage compression (RIC MD series) is achieved for the highest possible positive or negative pressure.


The performance and economy of the side channel blowers is guaranteed by first-class die-cast aluminium quality, careful machining of the impeller and its blades, precisely matched tolerances and first-class sealing. Each unit is subjected to a thorough test run before delivery.


  • Side channel blowers with directly flange-mounted motors as standard design for horizontal and vertical installation. The supply and exhaust air silencers can be mounted variably. See also the operating instructions for the individual series.
  • Side channel blowers with free shaft end and belt drive on base frame for higher speeds and special drives such as EEx motors or speed-controlled drives are not listed here for clarity, please enquire.
  • Side channel blower with sealing of the gas-contacted surfaces, double mechanical sealing or sealing by means of sealing liquid. The seal is resistant to slightly aggressive media.

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