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Piston compressors RSD 731/10/2/90 DF

Powerful 2-cylinder compressors with V-belt drive. 2-stage compression. The two-stage design enables high effective delivery rates at low compressed air temperatures. Equipped with chassis, "½" ball valve, quick coupling, Condor pressure switch and 16A three-phase plug incl. phase inverter. Suitable for central compressed air supply in trade and industry.ou how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was complete account.

Technical data:
- actual delivery quantity:582L/min.
- compressor speed: 1000 Upm
- max. operating pressure: 10 bar
- tank capacity: 90 Liter
- Power E-Motor: 4,0 kW
- Dimensions in mm (LxBxH): 1040x450x850
- Voltage: 400 V
- weight: 91 kg
- available at short notice

Now available for only 1.110,00 € plus VAT.

Piston compressor RSD 371/10/1/50 DF

Robust 2-cylinder compressor with V-belt drive. 1-stage compression. Equipped with chassis, quick coupling, Condor pressure switch and 16A three-phase plug incl. phase inverter. Suitable for all work in trade, workshop and factory.

Technical data:
- effective delivery quantity:330/min.
- Compressor speed: 1200 rpm
- max. operating pressure: 10 bar
- Tank capacity: 50 litres
- Power electric motor: 2,2 kW
- Dimensions in mm (LxWxHx): 860x380x710
- Voltage: 400 V
- Weight: 60 kg
- Short-term available

Now for only 670,00 € plus VAT.

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