Side channel compressor for pressure and vacuum

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Application examples

Side Channel Compressors are special compressors or vacuum pumps that are used in countless applications across all industries. The systems generate air flows for a certain over- or underpressure range, depending on whether they are used as blowers or vacuum generators. Listed below are examples of the various application areas.

  • blow off

    in printing machines, paper cutting machines, fabric cutting machines,

  • Ventilation

    of ponds, swimming pool systems, electroplating pools, small sewage treatment plants, aquarium systems, whirlpools, water treatment systems, fluidization systems

  • Deaeration

    of dissolved gases in pumped media, e.g. elimination of chemical solvents

  • Cooling

    of extruder profiles, components, laser systems, surfaces

  • Pneumatic conveying

    This is the transport of (mostly) bulk materials in a gas stream at a certain speed. Compressors and central systems enable the cost-effective and safe transport of a wide variety of materials without deformation or contamination.
    The following process types are distinguished:
    • Low concentration conveying system - FAN
    • medium concentration conveying system - COMPRESSED - ROOT PUMPS
    • Conveying system with Venturi nozzles
    • Conveyor system with closed circuit
    • Conveying system with high concentration under pressure
    • Conveying system with high concentration by aspiration/blow-off
    • Pneumatic ascending conveyors

  • Suction

    of dust, liquids, small components

  • Drying, dehumidification

    of electronic boards, plastic profiles, component washers, screed drying , solvents

  • Transport

    pneumatic conveying systems for dusts and granulates, floating tables

  • Vacuum

    Packaging machines, filling systems, lifting equipment, soil remediation, oven drying, process technology for chemical and pharmaceutical industry, laboratory technology, medical technology

  • Compression

    of gases and vapours. Pumping of gases in piping systems

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