Oil Free Piston Compressors Series RSM

Oil Free Piston Compressors Series RSM

Our oil-free piston compressors have been specially developed for dental, laboratory, medical and workshop applications. Here you see only an excerpt from our delivery program. The compressors are available in various designs.


  • Good price-performance ratio for high-quality and dry compressed air.
  • Clean, completely oil-free and dry compressed air. No oil vapours in the compressed air. Application everywhere where oil in the compressed air cannot be tolerated. Dental compressor, dental laboratory, laboratories, doctor's practice, medicine
  • With integrated adsorption dryer no additional compressed air dryer is necessary.
    Dry compressed air protects your instruments from corrosion.
  • Corrosion-coated compressed air reservoir with internal and external coating
  • Low maintenance

   In case you do not find the required volume flow or the suitable size, please contact us.

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